Join our Job Interview Workshop!

Have you ever wondered how job interviews are conducted in Austria? Are you looking for a job and want to be prepared for when they call you for your first interview? Join our workshop! Get an HR insider insight on the hiring process in Austria and be ready to take up your next professional challenge!


  • Process and particularities in the Austrian context
  • Common interview questions and how to answer
  • Job seeking tips
  • Unwritten rules and self-confidence

When? 29th of September, 2022

Where? Online

How much? 7 EUR or free if you are a NIWA member


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Join our Passive Investment Workshop!

Let’s face it: women are afraid of investing. We get it. You have earned your money working really hard, but you are probably sitting over an amount of cash (it does not matter how much) that can give you a profit just by putting it into a better place than a savings account. Get one step closer to your financial freedom and lose your fear of big finance-bro words. We are going to show you how to take the investing world by the horns and dominate it!


  • How to budget your income.
  • Safe platforms to invest in.
  • How to select which ETFs are good for you.
  • What are ETFs and how they are different from stocks?
  • And way more…

When? 16th of February, 2022 – 18h.

Where? Online via Google Meet.

How much? FREE! (for our members) or 4.99€ for non-members.

Join our Nutrition Workshop!


Has your diet changed since you moved to Austria? Do you struggle to find affordable options to eat healthy? Were the seasonal options in your home country completely different from here? Don’t worry! Join us and nutritionist Mariana Sánchez to learn how to adapt your diet to your new country.

  • Cultural differences and their repercussion on our diets
  • Learn healthy eating habits and their impact on your body
  • How to survive the long winter season and food availability in Austria
  • Where to buy affordable and seasonal food

Includes a free mini e-Book with recipes and examples!

When? 20th of January, 2022 – 18h.

Where? Online via Google Meet.

How much? FREE! (for our members) or 5.99€ for non-members.

Dance Workshop in Graz [CANCELED]

Join our first Dance Workshop in Graz!

Due to the recent measures against the high numbers of coronavirus cases, the class has been canceled. If you still want to participate in the future, please go to the Fit 4 Fun by Mimi Lagunas Facebook Page to receive more information.

In collaboration with Fit 4 Fun by Mimi Lagunas, we will be hosting a Dance Workshop in the city of Graz. Recollect yourself with nature and its elements through Dança dos orixás. This Afro-Brazilian dance of nature will help you feel fuller and cope with the winter that is to come. Connect with your body and nature in an all-women safe space and with free child-care on site!

When? Saturday, 11th of December from 13:30 to 14:45.

Where? Bewegungsraum, Körösitstraße 17, 8010, Graz.

How much? Voluntary Contribution.

See more about Dança dos orixás here!

Women w@ndering the city

Join us this 29th of October at 18h to w@nder around Vienna. Together with Ana Montalvo, architect and urbanist from the Uni Wien.

There is no better way to experience a city than by walking its streets and exploring its surroundings. It is an inclusive exercise in which anyone can take part, as no technical knowledge is required, just being an inhabitant of the city. Urban walking allows us to explore a route in the city and collect experiences, sensations and stories that we can share with everyone else with whom we live in the city.

We will walk through Vienna’s 7th and 15th districts in groups and we will speak about how -as women- the city makes us feel. Which emotions does a park, a broken light, or a coffee shop trigger in us? Is it different from what men experience? Do I feel safe in the city as a woman? Let’s find out together.

When? 29th of October, 2021 – 18h.

Where? 7th and 15th districts of Vienna.

How much? FREE!

Join us in our first CV workshop!

Have you ever struggled to find the right words to write your CV? You have no idea what to say in your motivation letters? This is the workshop for you!


  • How to write a CV for the Austrian context: format and structure.
  • Tips for people with no previous experience.
  • How to write a motivation letter.
  • How to build your LinkedIn profile to be on the top search.
  • How to send your CV to the right people.

When? 30th of September, 2021 – 18h.

Where? Online via Google Meet.

How much? FREE! (for our members) or 4.99€ for non-members.