Who we are

The Network of International Women in Austria (NIWA) is a non-governmental organization. It was born in July 2021 after we realized how important it is to provide migrant women with the necessary tools to live a fulfilling life in the country and to develop a sense of belonging. As we know from personal experience, navigating Austria’s bureaucracy and culture -whether you are a newcomer or have already settled in- can be complicated and challenging at times.

We believe that, with an assistance network and the support of other women, any obstacle can be overcome and every woman can have the freedom of enjoying their life in Austria. NIWA aims to offer support in all areas as possible with a focus on the following four pillars: Work, Culture & Life, Legal, and Health.

Our mission

To support international women and women with a migration background that live in Austria in work, culture & life, health, and legal matters.

Our vision

To be the biggest network of international women in Austria, providing support to every woman that needs it.

Why women

Women represent almost 50% of Austria’s migrant population. At the same time, the unemployment rate is substantially higher in this group, especially for women coming from the so-called “third-world countries”.

The gender pay gap in Austria (one of the biggest in the EU), the lack of social benefits for men with children that force women to stay at home; and the general social expectations for women to take care of older or special needs relatives, are some of the factors that prevent women to become independent and financially free. The rates of older women in poverty are growing exponentially and the paid leave benefits for mothers are not sufficient to close the gap.

Migrant women from certain countries are also more prone to be illiterate and many have trouble or lack the time to learn German. This is why NIWA centers its efforts especially on women, with the goal of providing them with enough tools to feel safe and develop a sense of belonging in their new home country.

What do we do

We also offer services to non-members for a special price, and discount memberships for students and unemployed women.

We aim at covering a diverse and large list of services our members can access through their membership.

  • Workshops
  • Events
  • Conferences
  • Webinars
  • Meetings
  • Recreational Activities
  • Advisory
  • Research

Our partners